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Exploring the Prophets


It's 2014, and our culture is still clashing and clamoring over the same old principles: leadership, wisdom, direction, and so on. Here's an idea. Instead of looking for answers from the power players of politics and high finance, let's explore the writings of some of the most important and most impactful leaders in history: the Prophets.

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The Bible Spotlight10

What Are the Books of the Bible?

Here's a quick list of all 66 books in the Bible grouped by their genres of literature.

Introduction to the Book of Jonah

Find background information, key facts, and major themes for the 32nd book of the Bible.

Jonah 4: Bible Chapter Summary

A brief look at the final chapter in the Book of Jonah

Jonah 3: Bible Chapter Summary

A brief exploration of Jonah 3 in the Old Testament

Jonah 2: Bible Chapter Summary

A brief overview of Jonah 2 in the Old Testament

Jonah 1: Bible Chapter Summary

A brief overview of Jonah 1 in the Old Testament

The Historical Accuracy of Jonah and the Whale

Was Jonah's survival in the belly of a whale an example of historical fact or spiritual allegory?

Was Jonah Swallowed By a Whale or a Fish?

Answering a burning question from the Old Testament story of Jonah

Review: The New BibleGateway.com

First thoughts and impressions on the new BibleGateway.com.

Who Was Achan in the Bible?

The Old Testament story of Achan is both strange and disturbing.

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