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Exploring the Prophets


It's 2014, and our culture is still clashing and clamoring over the same old principles: leadership, wisdom, direction, and so on. Here's an idea. Instead of looking for answers from the power players of politics and high finance, let's explore the writings of some of the most important and most impactful leaders in history: the Prophets.

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Spring Is in the Air!

Monday April 21, 2014

Now that Easter has come and gone, do you feel a bit more relaxed? I do. It's certainly a privilege to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus, and each year I appreciate once again the ways in which His sacrifice have defined my life.

But there's also something magical about the period between Easter and the official start of summer. This is the season of the year I traditionally think of as "spring." This is when I begin to notice the birds singing and the new buds on every branch. This is season of new life and the promise of hope. If you like those sentiments as well, then join the fun and check out these 5 wonderful Bible verses in honor of the blessing that is spring.


How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?

Friday April 18, 2014

Several years ago I had the privilege of traveling through Israel on a press trip. It was an amazing opportunity, and I encountered so many poignant and powerful landmarks described throughout the Bible. One of the most interesting places I visited was a quasi-graveyard located near Golgotha -- the "place of the skull" where Jesus was crucified. For centuries people have identified the tomb I visited (and shown in the image above) was the actual tomb in which Jesus was buried.

Can we be sure that tomb is the exact tomb from which Jesus burst forth after conquering death and securing forgiveness for our sins? No, we can't be sure. But it was certainly humbling to stand there in a place that at least echoed such a powerful reality.

One thing we can be sure of, however, is the amount of time Jesus spent in whichever tomb His body was laid. So if you've ever wondered how long Jesus was buried in the grave, read on.

The Schizophrenic Holiday of Easter

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Easter is here!

I've always found Easter to be a schizophrenic holiday -- probably because it serves as a time for both somber contemplation and joyous celebration. The message of Easter is that a perfect Savior came to rescue us from our sin and grant us eternal life, which is incredible news. Yet the message of Easter is also that our perfect Savior was despised, rejected, mocked, beaten, and murdered. All for our sake.

Let's remember both messages as we celebrate the Easter holiday. To help you get started, here are two important passages from the Bible that echo both messages of Easter.


The Failure of Gethsemane

Sunday April 13, 2014

We know that hope is a core element of the Easter story. After all, what could be more hopeful than the message of Jesus Christ conquering death and rising from the grave as Savior for all? Easter is all about hope!

But what about Gethsemane? What about the garden where Jesus prayed desperately and fervently in order to submit His will to the Father? And what about those men, including Peter, who were called to stand watch beside their Master -- and failed? Can we find any hope in that dark night?

The answer may surprise you.


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